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Lawn Maintenance 

  • Premium & Basic Lawn Mowing: Every seven days the same professional, trustworthy crew members will be on your property to give your yard a complete trim. Our experienced staff and high-quality mowers yield a precision cut, we complete each premium job with full trimming, edging and clean-up services. We will always use the appropriate sized equipment for your property. We also offer two levels of service to meet your budget and preferences. The result of both the premium and basic service is a fully manicured lawn that will make anyone proud.


  • Fertilizer & Weed Control: Seasonal Chores offers complete fertilizer and weed control programs to suit your lawn’s unique needs. We will supply your lawn with the proper amount of nutrients throughout the growing season while eliminating weed competition at the same time.

    • Grub Control: The Japanese beetle can be a destructive pest of trees, plants, and turf. We saw a lot of grub activity last season and have already been finding grubs this year. Our preventative treatment is the best form of control. 


  • Spring & Fall Clean-Ups: Seasonal Chores can get your property ready by blowing leaves and debris out of bushes, gardens and landscaped areas. We’ll also remove leaves and sticks from turf, and provide edging along concrete curbs, sidewalks, and driveways.  Choose, the week(s) that works best for you and your property. 


  • Landscape Maintenance / Weed Control: Tired of overgrown gardens and pulling weeds? As your landscape matures, its maintenance needs will be changing. Our ongoing care will keep your property growing in beauty and value for many years to come. Over time, our maintenance services will add far more value than their modest costs and deliver results that you and your family will be sure to appreciate. Of course, custom maintenance plans are available to meet your specific needs.



  • Irrigation Service: From spring start-ups to fall blowouts and everything in between, Seasonal Chores can maintain your sprinkler system to keep it working properly and efficiently all season long. 


  • Dethatching: our dethatching service is included in our spring clean up.others  Dethatching your turf is very important in the spring. This service removes accumulated thatch, allowing water and fertilizer to penetrate the root zone.


Mulch adds a nice, finished look to garden beds, landscaped areas and paths. Freshening your mulch not only increases your landscape’s aesthetics, it can also provide many practical benefits. As little as three to four inches of shredded bark mulch can reduce erosion from water and wind, preserve ground moisture and limit weed growth. 




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